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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another awkward moment

Our neighborhood just started a neighborhood watch group (yes in this "big" city of WI apparently kids ringing doorbells and running constitutes the need for a neighborhood watch).  Since I'm all about getting to know our neighbors (what if I need help one day when the FD is working a 24 hr shift?) I attended.  Plus the  meeting was across the street from our house and they would see me creeping.

I knew a whopping 4 out of the 25 people that were there.  We've lived in our house for 7 years, now that is just sad.  One reason we keep to ourselves is our neighbors are definitely nosy (or so we've heard from the one couple we talk to), I'm sure they know everything about us, but I'd take a nosy neighbor any day over someone who doesn't care.


A few houses down from us, is a younger couple with two smallish girls.  When they first moved in, they met the FD and our pup on walks and at the park (we're across the street).  I've seen them before, but have never "met" them.   So I walked up and said hello, I said something to the effect of I've seen you, I believe you met my husband.  Yes, the nosy wife responds.  Literally that's all that was said; she followed her 'Yes' with  'When we first moved in, your husband said you were going to have kids soon, 4 years later you still don't have kids'  <she chuckles>.  I was floored. What? Really? That's an inappropriate comment to make after I just said "hello".. you have no right to jump right past the hellos into our personal life.  So now I'm thinking maybe she has foot in mouth disease or Tourettes.  I respond, 'yes, well we're hoping soon' (trying to be nice thinking we'll move on from this) but she just didn't let it go.  She says 'ya, we had just had our oldest when we first met your husband, and now we have 2' <chuckles again>.  I respond (thinking if you are going to keep prying, all bets are off) 'well we've been trying, it's just not happening'.  She said 'oh, it took us awhile too' (really?? you have 2 in 2 years), but look at us now.  I said 'has it taken you 4 years because we're creeping up on 4 years of trying.  That shut mouthy/nosy up.

Does this sound mean?  Yes it does, but you know what, when you're going to pry when I literally just say hello, I don't even know your name (and still don't), you're going to get the full God honest truth.

We finished with pleasantries (we are neighbors who will see each other again) and went on our merry way.  I told them to stop over for our BBQ next week. Doubt they will, mouthy probably thinks I'm a physco who will steal her children.

The curiosity killed the cat, sometimes people don't know when to stop and catch me on a bad day, well I am not responsible for my actions.

Cheers to the weekend. xo


  1. UMMM you had every right to say what you said..you put her in her place. What a b*tch!!

  2. People are crazy. They are all crazy ;-D