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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun at a BBQ

Hello and Happy Monday.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! (I feel more positive already.. ok maybe not but I'm trying :P )

We went to a BBQ this past weekend.   Thankfully I brought own bottle of this

The BBQ is an annual event for a fellow IF couple.  They married in their late 30's, had 2 miscarriages and decided to "stop trying" and live life to the fullest. Childless.  They would be SUCH good parents. Really, my heart aches for them.  I sometimes see our future in them.

I stood around with the wives, aka mothers, and the discussion was mainly about news of what was going on in their kids lives.  Which I get, really I do.  I know I'm overly hormonal sensitive.  I obviously have nothing to contribute so I just drank was silent, laughing at the latest story.  Enter a girl from my hometown. She's sweet but verrry dramatic.  She was talking about giving birth and how terrible it was (telling her birth story for the 3rd time that night) and how men should carry the babies. I may have been rude  slightly tipsy  said something to the fact that my dream is to carry a baby to term.  Then came the pity looks, the "it'll happens" (as they all know our history).  I know I brought it on myself. I should have stayed silent.

In instances like this what do you do? Stay silent? Walk away?  For me, there was really nowhere to go. and the more I drink, the more I get louddddd and fiesty


All in all it was a good night.  I laughed it off and they continued to talk and I continued to drink.  Luckily we left early :D


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