Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nearing the end?

The FD (hubby) and I were in Door County for a few days for a conference.  There was lots of networking, chatting, eating and especially drinking (tho not as much as some..we were the lone ones in bed by 10..we both had to be up early!).  So of course, like any couple, we tend to have deep conversations when drinking (am I alone in this)?

One of our deeper conversations was about Fertility and our "plan" for 2012.  We talked about how much $$ we've spent, how emotional it is (aka how many tears I've shed) and what we want to do as we creep up in age (I'll be 33, him 35 this year). Most of all we talked about how this has affected our relationship.

We started this journey in Feb of 2009, doesn't it seem like longer? It sure does to me.  Back then we were in Ireland, and I took my last birth control pill. That felt really strange. I remember thinking each time we did the deed we could be making a baby.  Fast forward 3.5 yrs or 40 months (longer in cycles!) and now we are cynical, thinking we'll never get pg without help from our RE.  

How did it come to this??  I know we are very lucky in life, so I try not to be negative and dwell on our infertility issues.  But there are times when I do dwell.  

Anyway, back to our conversation.  We are creeping up on our "mid thirties" and we discussed the fact of being in our 50's and just having a child graduating from highschool.  On the flipside, we discussed being childless and how that will affect "us".  

We came to the conclusion that we will continue with a few more IUIs...for now.  IF the next few don't take, we'll either throw in the towel or discuss embryo adoption.  At the end of the year, our clinic in Madison is introducing Embryo Adoption.  This is a huge opportunity.  However there are definitely risks, and the cost of it is almost as high as IVF.  So for now, we will continue with the 20% hope of a successful IUI.

Wish us luck.. please cross your fingers, toes, eyes (ha ha) as we continue onto IUI#5!!!

Cheers friends!