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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New plan

How was the weekend?  Do anything fun??

Despite not feeling up to par I ran.  Sat with a friend and Sun a solo training run for the IronGirl Half Marathon in April.  I was debating on running the half until today when I decided to just do it and sign up since we're on hold for 2 months (read on..).

Sat (during my run nonetheless) AF reared her ugly head (8 days early btw?!).  Fast forward to today, CD3, I started birth control. What the whhhat?

Backup to Sat.  Since my cycle was super short (I'm normally like clockwork), I called our RE.  This morning (at 5 am eek) I went to Madison for an ultrasound.  Result: right follie (from last cycle) had passed (yay!) but there was another one on the right that was still growing (??) despite AF's arrival, and now one on the left which looked to be remaining from the last cycle. AUGH.  On the positive side - the right one from a few weeks ago did pass and didn't burst..small victories as my fav nurse K says.

Our options were to let the 2 follicles pass on their own (which at best could take 2-3 cycles) or take birth control for 2 months to control the situation.  RE suggested BC to "quiet things in there" as he put it so we could start "fresh."

I chose option 2. So here I am, after 3.5 yrs of TTC, back on BC.

Cheers to spring! (Sometimes after I write bad news then write "Cheers" I feel like it's in vain..but I am the eternal optimist and like to end on a good note :-)  )
How gorg are the Cherry Blossoms

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