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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspirational run

This weekend, despite this:

I ran 8.15 glorious miles. and I.was.so.excited. A few months ago, 8 miles was nothing. Today, 8 miles was a long run.  I was (am?) a marathoner. Love running. Love races, but with TTC running has become less of a priority.  But today I ran.  I will continue to run and enjoy running for the next two weeks (until IUI#3). Even tho studies show no harmful effects of running when TTC, I have been taking my workouts down a notch for the "2 week wait."

We started the process of IUI#3 (really #4 but since #2 was a big fat fail, it's technically #3) yesterday.  Drugs include Femara (7.5 mg), Tamoxifen (20 mg) and Estrace (4mg). New to me this month: Tamoxifen.  Since my lining has been on the light side (6.2 on CD10 and RE is looking for >7) RE prescribed this.   Dr Google says Tamoxifen blocks the production of estrogen, however, in Breast cancer patients, Tamoxifen thickens the uterine lining.  So with that, in addition to Estrace (Estrogen which causes the uterine lining to grow), RE thinks this should help.  Since FD (the hubby) has 'super sperm' and all is free and clear on my side (been producing 2-3 follicles each month), this is our best option.   As my father says "we're all in!"

Third time is a charm?  Plus we have the luck of the irish on our side!

Cheers :-)

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