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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For most of us infertiles there are mental milestones that we keep track of.  i.e. this time next year I'll be pg; this time last year I thought I'd be pg; Summer baby! Holidays (Holidays.are.the.worst), etc.

One of my many milestones, as funny as it sounds, is the dentist.  I am one of those crazy people that get their teeth cleaned every 4 months.  I hate dirty teeth :D  So every time you sit in that big comfty chair the first question they ask is "Any Health Changes?"  Every 4 months for the past 3.5 years (10 times if your counting :)  ) I've wished and hoped maybe next time I'll get to say (scream) YES! I do have a health change. But sadly, this morning, I had to say no. Tho I did have to update her on the meds I'm taking, I suppose that's something?

The hygenist, as sweet as can be, raised her eyebrows as I listed the fertility drugs. She was first curious, asking all the questions many non-infertiles do, how long have you been trying, how many 'procedures' have you done, etc. Then came the optimism: "It's going to work this time, I feel it."  God love her, and her optimism.  Roll back to IUI#1 in Nov, we were so excited to be doing "something" other than timed ic (and btw how seksi is "timed ic").   Now, IUI#4 I'm skeptical. I *try* to be optimistic - positive thinking right?

So until June, I will keep thinking of that optimism she showed and hope that I can say, yes, I have a health change!


PS I love this pic of St Lucia...ahhhhh

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