Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Need a break

There's been a lot going on in (my) blog world.  Many people have had announcements (both good and bad), many have expanded their blogging topics (especially when they get pg) and a few have stepped away.

So my question is has blogging (any, all, not just IF related) made us more or less better off.

Better off: Blogging is a community.  There are even events just for Bloggers.   Depending on what type of blogs you're involved in, they usually make you feel less alone, you feel you 'know' these people.  They are your 'friends'. They will help you if you're looking for answers.

Not so much: These people are usually all around the world and seldom is there face to face interaction. Specifically fertility related.. When someone leaves the IF group (whether it be by choice or if they are pg) the remaining ones feel mixed emotions, especially when/if they do have success.  Happy for them if they do get pg finally..after months..years.. but sad as we're the ones remaining.  The lone survivors on the island of IF's.

choose to report the good and bad news. I wish life was all "rainbows and unicorns" but it's just not.

I go both ways on blogging.  I feel if I can help one person feel less alone I am making a difference.  But selfishly, I feel an obligation to my blog and readers (if there are any out there??).  Sometimes I don't feel like blogging but feel like I have to so I don't let you down.  It's especially hard when I have NO IF news to tell you.  I feel like I've failed. and I just can't take another failure. 

It's a tough road really.  I've been blogging daily (well weekdays that is) for a few months now, and 2 of them have been non IF related as I'm still on birth control.  and I think I need a break...I mean, I'm no writer, I crunch numbers :-)   

I'll definitely keep you bloggies up to date (at the least weekly - more if we have IF news), but it won't be daily. At least for the summer, because right now I feel a little like this

Working at 10pm on a weeknight (especially when you started at 7am) is just not right! 

Cheers, thanks for reading :-)


  1. I'm reading!! Granted I haven't been blogging in a long time but will be starting again very shortly. Love you...I'm always here <3

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    1. PS I've noticed you haven't been updating!