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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day obstacles

Happy - late - Memorial Day.  Help me in celebrating the lives of those lost and praising the ones that fight every day for this fine country. 

FD (the hubby) and I decided to go for a bike ride on Memorial Day morning.  

Somehow it was not what we had expected...

Left the house around 9 and ran into the Memorial Day parade (guess we've never been in town for the parade as we had no idea it was going on..and how large of an event it was).  We could not get through the crowds (and decided against riding with the parade) so we decided to wait... 1 1/2 long hours.. until the parade was finished.  While we were waiting (feeling underdressed in our bike shorts - which if you know what they look like are not made to be worn off the bike) I looked around at the crowd.  Kids. Lots of kids. It is a parade I suppose.  And I had a 'sad for me' moment. Beneath my sunglasses there were a few tears. I always pictured us with a little one in tow in their cute little Memorial Day - red, white and blue - outfit.  I always think, maybe at this time next year... and for the past 3 years I've been sadly disappointed.  I said to FD, I thought I'd be pg by now. He simply said I know honey. And we left it at that. 

We continued on our trek and found an older older dog wandering down the trail (in the 90 degree heat btw).  We're animal people, we just couldn't leave him. We stopped, tried to find the owner, to no avail, gave him some water, and called animal control.  As we were about 50 ft from a busy street, it was unsafe for him to be wandering.  The police were speedy and the officer thought he knew where this dog 'lived' and put him in the back of his car and drove off. I'm hopeful that he found the owner, but sad that no one was looking for him!

We continued on.. Despite the obstacles, we had a nice ride.  The weather was gorgeous. 

As we're on our way back we see a pg teenager-ish girl and guy walking towards us..SMOKING. Really?? This just infuriates me to no end.  She has been given a gift and she poisons it with smoke. Augh. I *may have* said loudly as we passed "is she pregnant and smoking?!" and I hoped they were not the violent type to come after me with a weapon.  I'm still here, so it's all good. 


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