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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race review - Marquette YMCA 10 miler

Last weekend one of my sistas and I ran the Marquette 10 mile YMCA race.   The proceeds went to benefit the Strong Kids foundation.  This is a great program (I was an instructor at the Y in WI and can personally attest to these programs!).

From the website:

The course runs along beautiful Lake Superior, starting and finishing at the YMCA of Marquette County and promises to be a fun fitness event for the whole family. 

It was a gorgeous day..started out a bit chilly, 29 as predicted but no wind and no rain (or snow!).  We started at the YMCA and headed down to Presque Isle. A gorgeous run around the back way of the island (or so it's called to us Marquette natives).


Then we headed down Hawley street which brought us to a stretch of 3.8 miles of trail running.  Somehow I missed that this run involved trail running. It.was.tough. Super tough, my sister said her goal was not to stop, so that was my motivation.  My ankles cursed me the next day.

We crossed the finish line at 1:31.  My sister totally rocked it, she was a superstar!!  I unfortunately only had my 1999 old school disposable camera and the dinosaur had to be sent away to be processed, but I'll hopefully have some updated pics soon.

Our other sister and mom brought my niece to the finish line. As I mentioned in my last race review, it's soo nice to have friendly faces during a race.

Our dad also ran the 10 miles and did awesome as well.  Indeed it was a "family event" as the Y claimed.

My overall review: good race, well planned route.  The water stops were lacking (2 - both early in the race) and there were no fuel stops (GU, Oranges, etc).  For 10 miles, typically you should have some sort of fuel.  The finish was kind of lackluster in the Y Parking lot.  I was hoping for more.  But overall a good race for a community event.  The Marquette Y staff was great.

Would I do this again: sure.  I loved the route. Marquette is really the best place in the world to run.  Clearwater is a close second.


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