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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Monday, July 30, 2012

IUI #6: Done!

All went well.  But I don't feel very good about this one.

We arrived at the clinic early.  The hubby did his thing then we went to breakfast relieved, the challenging part was over.  Decided to go back to the clinic early since they had a busy day and they were hoping to get us in early.  Ended up sitting in the waiting room for a 1/2 hr people watching.  The clinic is usually pretty quiet. Today it was like a zoo.

One of the couples coming out of the office was pregnant. With twins.  They carried a Generations CD, ultrasound pics and two little Generations onesies to the front desk.  I became the green eyed monster of envy and sadness. Right there in the lobby, I sat with tears streaming down.  Luckily everyone was congratulating them and reviewing the ultrasounds so no one noticed.

We finally went in and all went smoothly.  Our RE was nice, as always, calm, as always.  And said, as he always does, good luck and hope to see you back in two weeks. Shakes our hands and leaves.  So I "take position" (sitting upside down on the table with the pillow under my booty and my legs up) and the hubby starts playing with the stethoscope.

*Knock knock* before I have time to even put my legs down (still undressed from the waist down btw) our RE comes back in.  He looks where my head should be, then confused sees us looking odd and fumbles his words and says 'of course we're hoping for the best, but *IF* this cycle doesn't work we need to meet and discuss our options.'    Then he promptly leaves.

I don't know why but this just hit me.  I'm not sure if it was seeing the pg girl in the lobby, then having this thrown at me but I became very sad and the waterworks started once again.

So.this.is.it.  This is our last shot.  I'm guessing he's going to suggest IVF as our next best shot since my wonky body just doesn't seem to want to get pregnant.

The ride home was interesting.  More to come...


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