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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Like water off a ducks back

I shouldn't let it get to me but these conversations always bother me.  Can any other IFs relate??

The hubby was talking to a seriously religious friend (not that there's anything wrong with religion, I am a full believer) about TTC.  He and his wife have a 2 1/2 year old and apparently had been TTC "for a long time" for #2 (she's 15 weeks pg now).  The hubby assumed they tried for #2 right after #1.  Nope their "for a long time" was 5 stinkin' months.  Really??? Really?? Your telling us that 5 months is "a long time"? WTH.  

Background: when I say they are seriously religious I mean it.  He has 4 brothers and 20 nieces/nephews..so far (aka they don't believe in birth control).   When we first mentioned we were having problems (um 3 years ago) he asked if we had tried the natural family planning method (meaning timed sex). Really? Nope, I thought I might be the Virgin Mary reincarnated (I mean no offense here, just a joke).

I know he wasn't trying to be mean or cruel, it just didn't occur to him who he was talking to when he made this statement.  It didn't occur to him that while his wife was pg (finally, ha) we had been trying for 44 months.  Yep, multiply that "long time" of 5 months by 9.  ARG.  It's so frustrating sometimes.

I know, let it roll off, what's the big deal?  It's a big deal to me.  People just don't understand that it's hurtful sometimes.

Yep, it's "one of those days".


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