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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friends with kids part 2..3.. idk

Last weekend I had a 1 yr birthday party for my Godson. He's a little cutie, definitely a healthy boy.  I've mentioned before that all of my high school friends have babies (and a few had them at the party) but funny enough (even after the stories I have for you :P) I didn't have one once of sadness for me.  The day was not about me. More like I hope it happens, but if not, well, I'm meant for other things.

Funny tidbit #1 -
I'm hanging by the grill w/my friend talking about life, etc. as we have a cocktail.  She's probably my closest highschool friend. The one who called and told me she was pg first, even tho she knew I would have a hard time with it.  She's up front, honest and over my IF years, this has made us closer.  So she's talking about the bday boy and how amazing he is (and I agreed).  Then she said, I felt bad for you all these years, but now having him, knowing how much I love him, I feel even worse for you. OUCH.  I smiled and said, well if it's meant to be then so be it.

Funny tidbit #2 -
Another longtime friend (we've been friends since we were 5) gave me a ride home.  She has a 10 week old little boy.  So we're on our way out and she asks when I'm leaving for home (party was in MI). I mentioned I had to work Sun, so leaving early Sun AM.  She responds, I used to be a workaholic too, but now I have other priorities. OUCH.  I said something like ya, well, all I have is work (jokingly of course).

Funny enough, these comments just made me laugh at how silly people are.  I think my situation just makes people uncomfortable.  Like they don't know what to say.  And I get it, it's like when someone has cancer, what do you say, you're strong, you'll beat this.. blah.  I think I have learned all you can say is sorry to hear that and I'm here for you.  

The 2nd friend I think was just trying to justify herself going back to work part time (she truly was a workaholic and worked 80 hr weeks). No need to justify to me, to each their own.

At the end of the day, we are in charge of our emotions, and today, I kept them in check. yippee.


CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND.  I'm not sure if I've ever looked forward to the weekend as much as this. I.need.a.break. Get out there and have a great one <3

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