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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birth Control and ramblings

Back in the day, going on BC was nbd.  I was young (how young? I'll never tell..mom or dad could be reading) and fearless and feelin' no pain. I don't remember feeling any different.  I started BC to regulate my cycle and get rid of painful cramps...well in later years it was out of necessity to not have a baby.  You know, be responsible and all that.  

Now, 32 yrs old, starting BC again sux. Really sux.
Day 1: Feel no difference, maybe a tad tired (tho maybe that was from the wine Sat night??).
Day 2: Cranky, like super cranky, poor hubby. Super headaches. Nauseous.
Day 3: Mood swings, bloated - I feel fat in yoga pants - bloated.
Day 4: Still bloaty, gained 4 lbs. eek..will the scale continue to tick up?

As I read the side effects, I guess what I am experiencing is normal:

Common Necon side effects may include headaches, a decrease in sex drive, and bloating. This eMedTV page describes other side effects that have been reported with birth control pills (including Necon) and also lists potentially serious side effects.

But still not fun. So it comes down to the question of whether to continue as our RE recommends or stop taking after this cycle and just hope the follie passes. 

Such decisions....

In other news, we're headed home for the Easter weekend! 

My favorite place in the whole world. Not only because we get to see our family (and our niece!!) and celebrate Easter together but because we can run hills!  

My half marathon is coming up and the only hills I've ran have been the slight inclines from the Fox River Trail up to the street. Multiple times. Sad as it is, I've ran miles up and down these "hills" because of the big Florida bridges in the half that are scarrry.  

This frightens me.  And did I mention the heat. It's 32 degrees in WI right now and 79 (!!) in Clearwater.  Not that I'm complaining, I will bask in the Fla heat.. but running hills in it. Not so much. 

So hills here we come! 


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