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Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Friday, April 27, 2012

No news is good news

I know this is an IF blog, but I have literally no infertility news to tell you..

Still on round 2 of BC (just about 3 weeks left, yippee)

Still feel cruddy & bloated and nauseous at times, tho it's getting a little better thank God. I don't even want to weight myself, my jeans are super tight, no matter how much I run or do HOT yoga (isn't the weight suppose to "melt" off of you??).

What's next... well... hard to say.  I always said that if we stopped "trying" I'd go back on BC (I would not like a 'surprise' at 40..too many risks for me to handle). So now that I'm back on (supposedly temporarily), do we stop trying.. no more IUI's, no more RE's?

I had an epiphany when we were on vaca, I would be ok sans kids.  I talked to the hubby about this and he agreed (he's always been so supportive all through this,  as it's "our" journey).  We're soon-to-be mid-thirties and we're sort of set in our ways. We have a routine.  I'm so sick of feeling sad for myself.  Honestly.  It's pathetic really.

SO we have 3 weeks to decide if we stop or move forward.  One big thing is we pre-paid for 3 IUI's. We have had 2 complete IUI cycles so we have one left.  They don't "expire" so we could always do it later, but I have a feeling, knowing me, if I'm back on BC 100% I won't go on/off it again, it's just too tough.

Sooo stay tuned I guess.


In other (happy) news, I'm running a race with one of my sistas this weekend!   Weather report is looking coooolddd

9 am


Feels Like

At least it will be sunny..lets hope the wind holds out.

Cheers to the weekend!! 

Any fun plans?

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