Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome! We are just another couple struggling with infertility but having fun and trying to enjoy the journey.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Have you noticed Spring has Sprung??

Despite the cooool Wi mornings, the sun is shining and I love it.

I was watching The Little Couple the other night and reality set in.  This may just not happen for us. Despite our best effort, we may come out of this with nothing but heartache and a lot less money in the bank.

The Little Couple is a reality show on TLC that I got sucked into.  Bill, the husband, is 4'0" and the wife, Jen is 3'2".  The show documents their life as little people, first as a married couple, then building a house and now starting a family.  They used a surrogate and have had 2 failed IVF attempts. OUCH.  If they can't get IVF to stick, why do I think a less successful procedure, IUI, will work.

I try to be optimistic, but pessimism is setting in.  How do I change my outlook?  You don't know if you don't try?  How can we give up after all we've done thus far?  Nothing worth having comes easy?

I can write every saying in the book but I still don't know if any of this will work. Faith.  I'm losing hope and my Faith.



  1. I know how you feel - I am having a "hopeless" few days as well. I have no other 'words of wisdom' other than we have to go through it to get get past it. I wish you the best - it's hard to be positive at times, but I promise to try if you do. :)

    1. Agreed! Thanks Jennifer, good luck to you as well. Sending you some *baby dust* :-)